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1911 San Antonio St
Austin, TX, 78705

(512) 477-3751

St. Austin Catholic School offers an exemplary education in the Catholic tradition for Pre-K 3 through 8th grades. Nestled near UT, the State Capitol, Blanton Museum and others, our students benefit from an extended campus of learning.

Student Referral Program

St. Austin Catholic School Student Referral Program


With the new student referral program St. Austin families can earn $500 in tuition credit for every child they refer to St. Austin.

 Many SACS families initially heard about St. Austin through a personal referral from an existing school family. We appreciate parents in our community who help us by referring their friends, families and neighbors to our school. We would like to say “Thank you” to these parents for promoting our school! Through our New Student Referral Program, your family can receive a $500 tuition credit for referring one new student to St. Austin Catholic School. 

CLICK HERE for Student Referral Form

Here’s how it works:

1.    Who can participate?

Any family who currently has a student enrolled at St. Austin School can participate in this program. Any current member of St. Austin faculty or staff member can also participate (this excludes any administrative employees).

2.    How do we get the $500 tuition discount?

In order to receive the $500 discount you must spread the word about St. Austin to your neighbors, friends and co-workers. Tell them what you love about St. Austin and encourage them to reach out to our Admissions office. If any student that you refer to us completes our Admissions process, is accepted to our school and attends our school for three months you will then receive a $500 discount!

3.    How many times can a family receive a $500 discount? 

We limit the number of discounts to the total tuition amount your family pays. For example, if you have two kids enrolled at St. Austin and your yearly tuition is $13,000 you are eligible to receive up to $13,000 worth of tuition discounts which would equate to referring 26 students.

4.    Can I apply the $500 discount to any fee’s or other charges from the school such as re-enrollment fee?

No, the monies awarded from the Incentive program can only be applied to tuition. It is non-transferable and cannot be applied to any other fees or charges you accrue throughout the school year.

5.    Are "Referred Children" eligible to take part in this program?

Siblings of current students who are 2 years old or younger are not eligible to be submitted as a "referred student". Siblings of current students who are currently in Pre-K 3 – 8th grade but who attend a school other than SACS are eligible. A family cannot refer their own child.

6.    When will we receive our $500 tuition discount?

You will receive a $500 discount on your last tuition payment for the school year that the referred student was accepted and attended school. For example, if you referred a child in October 2017 and they applied and were accepted you would receive your $500 discount on your February 2018 tuition payment. The referral discount is only applied once for each referred child, you will not receive the discount each year that the referred student attends SACS.

7.    How will the school know that I have referred a student?

The school has added a question on our online application asking the applicant if they were referred to the school by a current family. The applicant should note who referred them. The school has also added a form (see link above) that the referring family can fill out and submit that will tell us the name of the child/family they referred to St. Austin.