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1911 San Antonio St
Austin, TX, 78705

(512) 477-3751

St. Austin Catholic School offers an exemplary education in the Catholic tradition for Pre-K 3 through 8th grades. Nestled near UT, the State Capitol, Blanton Museum and others, our students benefit from an extended campus of learning.





Pre-K, Kinder & 1st grade meets twice per week for 30 minutes.  Pre-K and Kinder are now turning focus to COUNTING & THE SILLY DANCE TO 100. The 1st grade will review their numbers through 100 and then continue to use the Spanish Learning Journal ( SLJ) to practice writing about calendar facts ( dates, the weather and/or the four seasons & playtime), in addition to creating booklets summarizing Una semana, 12 meses hacen un año & 5 de mayo, 1862.

2nd grade meets twice per week for 30 minutes.  3rd grade meets twice per week for 45 minutes.  We briefly review and practice their calendar facts and then continue to use their SLJ to write about and study the letters of the alphabet.
Focus for each class: 2nd grade progresses now through a series of stories, each emphasizing a given letter of the alphabet. Students record vocabulary in SLJ.  3rd grade will review a letter from the Spanish alphabet each lesson, sing the alphabet song and proceed to add a respective set of words to their expanding Spanish Dictionary.

4th, 5th, & 6th grade meets twice per week for 45 minutes.
Focus: Listening to, writing, illustrating, comprehending, reading and speaking in Spanish. Each lesson develops a routine of experiencing many facets of the Spanish language, culminating in a creative expression of each chapter's new vocabulary--outlining diagrams, illustrating a comic-strip, writing a poem or a Spanish script. Students develop early literacy skills by actively listening to, illustrating & writing in Spanish,  studying Spanish vocabulary and reading a Spanish dialogue that applies the respective vocabulary.  As a comprehension exercise students follow up their reading by answering a set of questions.  All activities combined exercise each student's listening, writing, comprehending, reading and speaking in Spanish.

4th grade textbook: Beginner’s Spanish Reader: Everyday life experiences of young Spanish-speaking people [by Claude Dale and Anne Topping]

5th grade textbook: Everyday Conversations in Spanish [by John Grey Davies]

6th grade textbook: ¡Empecemos a Charlar!—Readings, Photographs, and Activities to Stimulate Conversation in Spanish [by Elizabeth Millán]

7th & 8th grade: Meets twice times per week for 50 minutes.
Focus: Listening to, illustrating, writing, comprehending and finally reading & translating a Spanish historical narrative text into English.
Each lesson develops a routine of experiencing the Spanish language.  Students develop and refine their Spanish reading and writing skills from 4th-6th Grade by studying a more challenging text, illustrating and discussing vocabulary, listening to readings  that apply vocabulary introduced at the onset of each lesson.  Students follow up their listening activity by reading & translating the text and then finally answering comprehension questions.  In addition we have recently begun to add creative group-work to assess comprehension such as creating comic-strips (writing & illustrating content) and writing scripts to dramatize the content.

7th/8th grade textbook: Easy Spanish Reader: Segunda Parte—Historia de México [By William T. Tardy]

Middle School Spanish Elective:

Rigorous Spanish for 7th/8th grade: Meets twice per week for 50 minutes.

Focus: The goal is to work through the first half of the standard 9th grade Spanish textbook.

Grading: The grading system will include class work exercises, quizzes, homework and projects. Grade distribution includes the following: Tests/Projects (40%), Quizzes (25%), Participation (20%), In-class/Homework (15%).

Rigorous Spanish for 7th & 8th textbook: Realidades I-A