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1911 San Antonio St
Austin, TX, 78705

(512) 477-3751

St. Austin Catholic School offers an exemplary education in the Catholic tradition for Pre-K 3 through 8th grades. Nestled near UT, the State Capitol, Blanton Museum and others, our students benefit from an extended campus of learning.




All of our students receive music instruction weekly. Enrichment opportunities are available through choir and band.


Students in grades PreK-8 attend music classes weekly. The primary focus is liturgical music preparation.  Students also learn music for special celebrations such as the all-school Advent program and feast-day Masses. The music curriculum provides education for all students in four basic strands: perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation. Activities are taught at age appropriate levels and concepts are expanded on as students progress in grade levels.

For grades Pre-K through 1 activities include identifying instrumental and vocal tone colors, singing and playing classroom instruments, singing songs from diverse cultures, identifying relationship between music and other subjects, identifying steady beat, higher/lower, faster/slower, same/different, reading simple music notation, creating rhythms and melodies.

Additional activities for grades 2 and 3 include identifying instruments visually and aurally, identifying music forms, reading and writing simple music notation using a system, and identifying music from various periods of history and culture.

In grades 4 and 5 students increase their performance and music reading skills by playing the recorder. Other areas that are emphasized are identifying music symbols and terms referring to dynamics and tempo, learning songs representative of Texas and American heritage, and identifying a variety of music forms.

Grades 6-8 music classes focus on vocal tone, theory, and various periods of music history and culture. Students in grade 6 continue  recorder studies.

In middle school, band and choir elective class students focus on demonstrating characteristic vocal or instrumental timbre, fundamental skills and performance techniques, sight reading simple music in appropriate clefs and meters, and evaluating music performances. The culmination of each semester is a concert of music studied throughout the semester.


The intent of the choir (grades 3-8) is to learn repertoire for school and parish Masses, community events, and school concerts. Students expand their music reading skills beyond the classroom music curriculum. Choir elective is offered for students in grades 7-8. Students in grades 3-6 meet after  school once per week.
The choir presents fall and spring concerts each year.

Students in grades 4-8 may participate in the school band program. Beginning Band is for students with no prior experience and Advanced Band is for students with one or more years of experience. Band elective is offered to  band students in grades 6- 8 with one or more years of playing experience. 5th grade advanced band and beginning band meet after school. The band presents fall and spring concerts each year.