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1911 San Antonio St
Austin, TX, 78705

(512) 477-3751

St. Austin Catholic School offers an exemplary education in the Catholic tradition for Pre-K 3 through 8th grades. Nestled near UT, the State Capitol, Blanton Museum and others, our students benefit from an extended campus of learning.




St. Austin Catholic school prepares students to be Christ-centered, academically strong, moral community leaders.



  • Respect: Having regard for yourself and others, God's word, fair and just authority, diversity within our society and accepting the right of others to hold different or opposing views.

At St. Austin evidence of this value includes: listening to others without interrupting, embodying the principles of the Catholic Church in daily routine, following school rules, acknowledging and accepting the strengths and abilities of all students and adults, accepting that others may hold different views to your own, caring for school property and embracing unity and diversity within the school community.


  • Dignity: Knowing that, as God's children, everyone has an innate right to be valued, respected, and to receive ethical treatment.

At St. Austin evidence of this value includes: showing respect for everyone regardless of differences, understanding that the face of God is reflected in each and every person, realizing that all life is sacred,  working together towards the common good and enabling others to work towards their common good.


  • Integrity: Being consistently honest, trustworthy and conscientious of others in thoughts, words and deeds.

At St. Austin evidence of this value includes: developing the character building skills and knowledge to become morally responsible leaders and agents of change, openness and transparency in processes, decision-making, fundraising and admission, maintaining consistency in school policies and actions, clearly explaining and enforcing rules in an equitable and fair manner, trusting others to work independently and consistently to agreed standards and following through on words and actions.


  • Community: Fostering a Christian environment where everyone is challenged to listen, learn, change and serve.

At St. Austin evidence of this value includes: fostering a spirit of mutual respect, service and interdependency to create and enhance a Christ-centered and socially responsible environment, nurturing a sense of unity with oneself, others and God, being generous, caring and thoughtful in our interactions with others, stressing the importance of developing the mind, spirit and body of each person to help strengthen the character of our environment.