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1911 San Antonio St
Austin, TX, 78705

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St. Austin Catholic School offers an exemplary education in the Catholic tradition for Pre-K 3 through 8th grades. Nestled near UT, the State Capitol, Blanton Museum and others, our students benefit from an extended campus of learning.




Students in grades 7- 8 may choose choir as an elective.  6th graders who wish to sing in the choir will meet after school on Thursdays from 3:15-4:30. No audition is necessary. Choir meets twice per week during the scheduled elective period.  The primary focus is on developing singing and performance skills. The choir periodically sings at school and parish functions and presents both fall and spring concerts. Traditional, contemporary, and show choir styles are performed. There is a choir fee of $120 per student, per year.


The middle school art elective is an opportunity to explore the mediums of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, ceramics, fiberart, photographic imagery, and digital art. Students will:

  • develop their awareness and understanding of the environment, utilizing critical thought, imagination, and the senses
  • demonstrate their understanding of the elements of art and principals of design
  • explore the historical and cultural relevance of art through studying an artist monthly
  • keep up with weekly homework and create a portfolio of artwork at school
  • expect one walking field trip to view art on the UT campus

Class is limited to 12 students.


If you like working with computers, are creative or artistic, and are hardworking, join the yearbook staff.  Each staff member will be assigned pages in the yearbook that they will design and proof.  Students will be expected to take pictures of sports and school events (during and after school), and interview teachers and students for their most meaningful memories of the year.   If you are interested in this elective, you must fill out a separate application that you will pick up from Ms. Ryan and return by the day that the electives choices are due. Only completed applications will be considered.

Class is limited to 10 students.


This elective is mandatory for all 6th Graders and all NEW Middle School students on Tues. & Thursday.  The elective is an option for any 7th or 8th Grader that would benefit from the class. We will be using SOAR and Skills for Success materials for this class, there will be no homework.  In order for students to benefit from classroom teaching, they must exhibit certain school behaviors: being prepared for class, bring materials to class, enter the room quietly, and get ready for class.  And, students must learn to ask for help when they need it, as well as take home the materials necessary to complete assignments AND bring them to class.  These are the skills, as well as time management, that we will work on so that your student can enter high school with these skills mastered.


Do you like solving problems and playing games? The Math Pentathlon part of this elective will involve a series of interactive problems solving games. The number sense portion of the elective will teach you math shortcuts and help develop your mental math skills. Both portions of the elective will provide the opportunity to compete in either PSIA or the Math Pentathlon Academic Tournament (7th grade only). This elective choice is for 7th and 8th graders only. A fee (as yet to be determined) may be charged to cover the cost of materials and entry fees.


The robotics elective involves robotics history, math, technology, and design.  By choosing this elective the student is committing to offering both in class dedication and potentially work at home.   This elective requires the full participation from the student as we aim to develop into a competition team designing and building a robot that can be programmed to complete simple tasks. This elective choice is for 8th graders only.


Students in grades 6- 8 who have one or more years of experience playing a band instrument or approved string instrument may choose advanced band as an elective. Band meets twice per week during the scheduled elective period. The primary focus of the class is on developing playing and performance skills. The band presents both fall and spring concerts. There is a band fee of $170 per student, per year.


This elective will meet twice a week and is open to actors of all levels. You will learn fundamental acting skills and have fun! We will compete in the PSIA Middle School One-Act Play competition in the spring. You will have to commit to some after school rehearsals-even during sports seasons. Once the year begins, we will have auditions for the available roles in the play. There will be deadlines for memorizing lines and learning your cues. (This elective will require a fee for costumes, fees, etc...TBD.)


This elective is to prepare for academic competition.  It is designed to support the basic academic curriculum:  Math, Maps Graphs & Charts, Spelling, Writing, Dictionary Skills, Vocabulary Skills, and Science.  Students will take practice tests as well as test prep methods. Competition will enrich basic speech and performance skills as well as help students feel comfortable participating in any public speaking forum.


Are you looking for an intellectual stimulation and challenge? This class will use the book Logic I: Tools for Thinking as an introduction to logic and the ability to “think outside the box” in order to solve problems. The power of logic is that it can be used on any ideas or thoughts, regardless of the subject. We’ll explore using logic to solve problems in various areas including practice in conducting Mock Trials.


Fall semester dance elective: Dance classes will be a hybrid of modern and ballet technique with a focus on building strength and flexibility and increasing fluidity and clarity of movement. Throughout the semester, students will build their skills through learning contemporary choreography. The semester will conclude with a performance for the Advent Cantata. Students of all skill levels are welcome! Fee: $25

 Spring semester dance elective: Students will become choreographers through hands on practice and learning. Throughout the semester students will be encouraged to work in groups and/or as individuals to create diverse dances as they work through a toolbox of dance-making processes. They will experience how dance can be made from a variety of influences, including every day pedestrian movement and gestures. Students will work on creating their own movement and be given the direction needed to create unique dances for the Spring talent show. Absolutely no dance experience necessary! Fee: $25