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1911 San Antonio St
Austin, TX, 78705

(512) 477-3751

St. Austin Catholic School offers an exemplary education in the Catholic tradition for Pre-K 3 through 8th grades. Nestled near UT, the State Capitol, Blanton Museum and others, our students benefit from an extended campus of learning.


At St. Austin, we work together to build an environment that welcomes, values and respects every member of our community regardless of age, ability, culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic background.St. Austin Catholic School is proud to have a very diverse student population with over 47% of our student being minorities.

Committee mission:

To foster a community that respects differences and is welcoming to all families. We do this through education, honest conversations and celebration.

Our values:

Inclusion, respect, honesty, love and listening.

Our rules of engagement:

There are no wrong feelings.

24/48 hour rule – address the issue that has impacted you within 24-48 hours. (reflect before you respond)

Listen with a kind ear and without your own story. Give people the benefit of the doubt before reacting.

Allow and honor the silence.

Be curious and ask questions.

Our areas of focus:
1) Parent education - enrichment programs for our families
2) Curriculum and teacher support
3) Events and celebrations
4) Recruitment and welcome - hosts for new families in our community

We have two activities on the calendar!  I will be working with the administration to circulate the information school-wide, but wanted you to be the first to know and ask for your involvement.